June, 5th, 2023

Certificate of Need

First Monday was pleased to welcome Mr. Charlie Katebi - a senior health policy analyst for Americans for Prosperity. He spoke about how his organization promotes costs savings at the state and federal level while increasing patient choices, lower costs, and expand access to quality health care. He spoke about the Certificate of Need and what it means for healthcare in SC and the nation.

May, 1st, 2023

Mr. Frank Rainwater

First Monday was pleased to welcome our friend and speaker Mr. Frank Rainwater, he is the Executive Director of the South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office. He gave an update on the number of people moving here and what the needs are for the state job-wise. His overview showed the top places out of town folks are moving to in the state and needs and opportunities that they bring.

April, 3rd, 2023

Greenville Co. Council Chairman Dan Tripp

First Monday was pleased to welcome Greenville Co. Council Chairman Dan Tripp. Chairman Tripp gave an overview of what the direction for County Council would be under his leadership. His priorities are to Listen, Learn and Lead as he governs one of the largest counties in the state.

March, 6th, 2023

Diane Hardy Mom and Pop Alliance

First Monday was pleased to welcome our member and friend Diane Hardy who gave a wonderful program on ESG and how it is being incorporated into our everyday lives without the approval of American citizens. Diane is founder of the Mom and Pop Alliance - the voice for small businesses in SC. To learn more visit: https://www.momandpopalliance.org

February, 6th, 2023

Mr. Carlton Owens - Chairman of the GCHNRT

First Monday was pleased to welcome Mr. Carlton Owen, Chairman, Greenville County Historic and Natural Resources Trust. He introduced our audience to the work of the Historic and Natural Resources Trust - how it began and where it is heading. Very few states/counties have such a Trust that protects lands for the future - the GCHNRT is spreading the word of the value of such a mission.

January, 9th, 2023

Speaker of the SC House

First Monday was pleased to welcome the new Speaker of the South Carolina House the Honorable Murrell Smith. Speaker Smith gave an overview of what is to come in the 2023 legislative session and the work the members have been doing for SC.

December, 5th, 2022

Medicare what you need to know

First Monday was pleased to host Mr. Joe Schaub who gave an overview on the new rules and regulations about Medicare for the 2023.

November, 7th, 2022

Dr. Oran Smith

First Monday was pleased to host our friend Dr. Oran Smith from Palmetto Promise. He gave an update on a statewide poll that asked South Carolinians what issues they cared about and what should the legislature focus on in the upcoming session. To learn more about the polling research please visit -https://palmettopromise.org/survey-of-south-carolina-voters/

October, 3rd, 2022

Dave Edwards, CEO of GSP

First Monday was pleased to welcome the President and CEO of the Greenville Spartanburg Airport. Mr. Dave Edwards gave an overview of the exciting growth of our airport and the facilities future plans. The airport is recognized worldwide as a vital link to business and growth in our area.

September, 12th, 2022

New Greenville County Square

First Monday was pleased to host Councilman Butch Kirvin and Greenville County staff who gave an update on the new County Administrative office complex. The facility will be located at the northwest corner of University Ridge and South Church Street. The 40-acre site will be redeveloped into an urban environment designed to complement downtown with a mix of commercial, residential, public/institutional and service/industrial uses.

August, 1st, 2022

Jody Bryson of SCTAC

First Monday was pleased to welcome Mr. Jody Bryson as our speaker in Aug. He is the CEO of SCTAC (formerly Donaldson Center) - he told about the 110+ companies that are on the property, the F-16 fighter jets, the automotive tracts being used by many on site companies... it was a great meeting - we wish you had joined us.

July, 4th, 2022

No Meeting in July

The Poinsett Club is closed for July - we’ll see you on August 1st for our meeting. Have a great summer break.

June, 6th, 2022

Congressman William Timmons

First Monday was pleased to host our Congressman William Timmons was our June speaker. He spoke of the committees he serves on and the work each committee is doing. He also shared insight with the work that Republican Leadership is doing to combat the Biden Administration’s war on gas, taxes, the economy and inflation.

May, 2nd, 2022

Mayor Knox White with a State of City Address

First Monday was pleased to host Mayor Knox White of Greenville. Mayor White gave an update on all that is going on in the City with the new Unity park and the explosive growth of downtown in retail and business.

April, 4th, 2022

South Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Hugh Weathers

First Monday was pleased to welcome our South Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Hugh Weathers to our meeting. Commissioner Weathers gave an update on the state of SC with regard to agriculture and what products we are producing to feed the state and the nation. He spoke about how the department of Agriculture is ensuring consumer safety by verifying that products are grown, weighed, and labeled properly.

March, 7th, 2022

South Carolina State Treasurer Curtis Loftis

First Monday was pleased to host our South Carolina State Treasurer Curtis Loftis for this meeting. Treasurer Loftis gave an overview of the financial health of the state. He also gave an interesting insight to the outside groups clamoring to take money for their personal causes and what his office is doing to fight them while working to protect all South Carolinians.

February, 6th, 2022

Gov. McMaster speaks to First Monday and awarded the OOP to Jill Kintigh

Governor Henry McMaster awarded Greenville County Treasurer Jill Rees Kintigh, The Order of the Palmetto for her service to the state of South Carolina. The governor was our speaker for our monthly meeting giving us a State of State address about his goals for the new year. Before he started his remarks he awarded Jill the state's highest honor.

January, 3rd, 2022

Speaker of the SC House - Jay Lucas

Once again 1st Monday was pleased to host the SC Speaker of House - the Honorable Jay Lucas. He gave an update on the issues that the House will be facing and taking up in 2022. This Jan. meeting is always a highlight of the year to hear from the Speaker who graciously gives 1st Monday a preview of what work is to come in Columbia.

December, 6th, 2021

Insurrection at the State House circa 1936

Bob Knight was our December speaker and he regaled us with the story of the Insurrection at the State House - The Untold Story of Governor Olin D. Johnston circa 1936. Bob told the story of the most famous fight between a governor and legislature in South Carolina history, Governor Olin D. Johnston mobilized the National Guard to occupy the offices of the Highway Department to make them bend to his will - until the SC Supreme Court stepped in and told him to knock it off. It was the quietest fight we’ve had in Columbia.

November, 1st, 2021

SC Attorney General Alan Wilson

1st Monday was pleased to host our SC Attorney General Alan Wilson as our speaker. He gave an update of what his office has been doing on the state and national level. Including the crackdown on child trafficking, voter fraud, and states rights and laws.

October, 4th, 2021

Dr. Oran Smith of the Palmetto Promise Institute

We had a very informative meeting with Dr. Smith about the work the Palmetto Promise Institute is doing to protect elections here in South Carolina. He outlined a number of points for our legislature to consider to ensure our elections are honest and fair.

September, 13th, 2021

Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette

Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette was our speaker for our Sept. meeting. She gave a state of the state address to our overflow audience about what is happening across South Carolina and the businesses that are coming to our state and the opportunities for success that are being created. She also talked about the need to encourage our young people to get jobs so they learn fiscal responsibility and soft skills.

August, 2nd, 2021

Sheriff Hobart Lewis

Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis was our speaker at 1st Monday. He gave an update on his office and the work they are doing in our community. He also thanked the overflow crowd for the support of his staff in our community and encouraged the audience to keep up the good work as his officers notice and appreciate it.

June, 7th, 2021

Greenville County Auditor Scott Case

Scott Case - Greenville Co. Auditor spoke on property tax reassessment at our meeting June. He explained how property tax bills are calculated and how tax neutrality works in a reassessment year.

May, 3rd, 2021

SC Superintendent of Education

SC Superintendent of Education - the Honorable Molly Spearman was our speaker in May, Her topic focused on the consolidation of school districts, educational priorities and excellence in our schools throughout the state. First Monday was also pleased to welcome Gov. Henry McMaster who awarded our very own Paul Wickensimer, GC Clerk of Court, the Order of the Palmetto - SC highest honor for service to the state.

April, 12th, 2021

Republican SC State Party Chairman Drew McKissick

Republican SC State Party Chairman Drew McKissick was our speaker in April - his topic focused on the DC's laundry list of left-wing priorities. Including a $1.9 trillion spending bill without one GOP vote and the democrat plan to change the way elections are run statewide.

March, 1st, 2021

We’re talking trash with the Greenville County Trash Czar

Marcia Papin the Greenville County Solid Waste Manager was our excellent and enjoyable speaker on the topic of solid waste in Greenville County and the many issues that surround the future of disposing waste due to the explosive growth of our area and the financial burden that providing safely for waste incurs.

February, 1st, 2021

Speaker of the South Carolina House

The Honorable Jay Luas joined us a update on the agenda for the SC House this year. Teachers pay, Santee Cooper, the state of the state were a just a few of the items he discussed. Always a good speaker and friend of 1st Monday.

January, 4th, 2021

Dr. Oran Smith of the Palmetto Promise Institute

Great discussion about what is actually going on with Santee Cooper and how the SC ratepayers are being put in the middle of a boondoggle. Dr. Smith gave an overview and update on Santee Cooper and the failed V.C. Summer project and the billions of dollars wasted. For more information visit: https://palmettopromise.org

December, 7th, 2020

Discussion of Special Purpose Districts Sewer Consolidation

First Monday hosted our member and speaker Bob Knight, President of Public Strategy, a government relations and public policy firm, to speak about the history and to the conversation around the topic of the many Special Purpose Districts in our area and the County Council discussion about sewer consolidation.

November, 2nd, 2020

Dr. Ralph Reed will join us by Zoom

Dr. Ralph Reed the founder and chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition will be our speaker for our Nov. meeting. Joey Hudson of The Morning Answer on WGTK 94.5fm. will be on a zoom call to interview Dr. Reed about the election and what he is seeing nationwide through his organization who has boots on the ground in every state. It was a great meeting and we'll probably bring in other speakers now that we have zoom down.

October, 5th, 2020

Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis

Great meeting today at 1st Monday in Greenville luncheon - our speaker was Hobart Lewis our Greenville County Sheriff and he brought us up to date on all the things his office is doing. He is doing a great job and needs our support in the upcoming election.

September, 14th, 2020

Elections and voter registration was our Sept. topic

1st Monday was pleased to host Greenville County's director of elections and voter registration - Conway Belangia to our meeting. He gave information on how the upcoming election will be handled and how the voting will be safe and accounted for so all votes count.

August, 3rd, 2020

CARES Act money

On Aug. 3rd - our topic is: Where is the CARES Act money going? Greenville County Administrator Joe Kernell and his assistant Nicole Wood explained how the State and County were allocated the funds and how to go about applying for funding if COVID19 has affected your business.

July, 6th, 2020

No July Meeting

Please note that the Poinsett Club is closed for the month of July - we look forward to seeing you on August 3rd.

June, 1st, 2020

USC Social Media Insights Lab

A new way of listening to social media conversations is happening. Univ. of South Carolina’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications Social Media Insights Lab was our topic with Kait Park, Manager, Social Media Insights Lab Manager as our speaker. If you want to follow the work they are doing here is the link for Twitter - @UofSCInsights (and yes we were social distancing thanks to the good work of the Poinsett Club)

March, 2nd, 2020

Proposed City Convention Center

First Monday was pleased to host Mr. Phil Hughes and Mr. Bo Aughtry as our speakers about the Proposed City Convention Center. They spoke of the need for Greenville to have a conference center in the downtown area for national conferences and large local events. The plans for the new convention center would be located along the banks of the Reedy River on vacant land next to the Embassy Suites in RiverPlace.

February, 3rd, 2020

Congressman William Timmons

Congressman William Timmons was our Feb. speaker and he brought us up to date on the work he has been doing in Washington, DC for his district. Staff member Hope Logan gave an update on the Congressman's efforts to find and honor local veterans with the Library of Congress' Veterans History Project. For more information please visit: https://timmons.house.gov/veterans-history-project

January, 6th, 2020

Speaker of the South Carolina House

We enjoyed hearing from the Honorable Jay Lucas, who is the Speaker of the SC House. He gave an overview of the issues the House will be taking up this next session. His primary push will be for education and jobs in SC.

December, 2nd, 2019

What's going on in Ft. Inn

We are happy to welcome the new Mayor of Ft. Inn the Honorable GP McLeer to our meeting. Although just elected, GP is ready to step into the office of Mayor with a list of exciting opportunities for our sister city. Just down the road from Greenville on the Golden Strip is the city of Ft. Inn also known as the "The Diamond Tip of the Golden Strip” Make your plans to join us as we continue of series of meeting the local mayors.

November, 4th, 2019

Candidates for Sheriff to address 1st Monday

With the vacancy of the former Sheriff we have an opportunity to start again. First Monday is pleased to host: Darius Hall, Hobart Lewis, A.T. Tommy Smith & Robert Whatley to our meeting. These four current candidates will tell about their vision for the office and how they plan to move the department forward into the 21st century.

November, 1st, 2019

Dates for 2020

Meeting starts at 12pm - ends at 1pm January 6 February 3 March 2 April 6 May 4 June 1 July - No Meeting* Club is closed August 3 Sept 14* (2nd Monday due to Labor Day holiday) October 5 November 2 December 7

October, 7th, 2019

Simpsonville Mayor Janice Curtis

We had a wonderful presentation by the Mayor of Simpsonville - the Honorable Janice Curtis. She brought the forum up to date on the new developments that are happening in our sister city. Simpsonville is doing great due the vision of their Mayor and Council and the community who are working hard to make good things happen in Simpsonville. For more information visit: https://www.simpsonville.com

September, 2nd, 2019

Mauldin City Councilman Scott Crosby

We had a wonderful presentation by Mauldin City Councilman Scott Crosby. He brought the forum up to date on the new developments that are happening in our sister city. Mauldin is growing and is doing great due the vision of their Mayor and Council and the community members who are working hard to make great things happen. For more information visit: https://cityofmauldin.org

August, 5th, 2019

Travelers Rest Mayor Brandy Amidon

We had a wonderful presentation by the Mayor of Travelers Rest - the Honorable Brandy Amidon. She brought the forum up to date on the new developments that are happening in our sister city. Travelers Rest has become a destination due the vision of their Mayor and Council and the community who are working hard to make it happen. For more information visit: http://travelersrestsc.com

June, 3rd, 2019

Honor Flight

Great meeting today with Paul Howell of Honor Flight Upstate. To be a part of this worthy organization please follow their website at :http://www.honorflightupstatesc.com/2011/ They have many opportunities for you to be involved in being a blessing to those who have fought for our freedom.

May, 6th, 2019

Probate Judge the Honorable Debora Faulkner

Probate Judge the Honorable Debora Faulkner was our speaker for this meeting. She spoke about the role of the Probate Judge and what you need to have in order when you pass onto the next life. Some rules have changed - make sure your will and estate are ready...before you go.

April, 1st, 2019

City of Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller

Our topic was about law enforcements concerns about the legalization of medical marijuana (they are against it). It is important to keep up with the issues of the day and the pro and con from each side.

March, 4th, 2019

SC Commissioner of Agriculture Hugh Weathers

We enjoyed hearing from our Commissioner of AG - Hugh Weathers on the new and exciting things his office is doing to promote SC products and sustainable farming. Did you know that there are 25,000 farms and 6000 immigrant workers during harvest season in SC. Our state’s agriculture business leads in total business output. Buy Local - Buy SC Products from SC farmers.

February, 4th, 2019

SC Senior Senator Lindsay Graham

We had a great meeting with Senator Lindsay Graham. He was on fire about what is going on in Washington from the Judiciary and the appointment of judges to the damaging rhetoric and the constant attacks on the President. He encouraged the audience to continue the fight to protect our President and our future.

January, 7th, 2019

Speaker of the SC House - Jay Lucas

First Monday welcomed the Speaker of the SC House - the Honorable Jay Lucas who gave an overview of the issues the SC House would be discussing in the next session. Education was the overriding theme and the need to pay teachers, lift scores, stop teaching to the test and help SC youth find a path forward to achieve success.

December, 19th, 2018

Dates for 2019 Meetings

To keep you up to date here are our meeting dates for 2019: JAN 7th, FEB 4th, MARCH 4th, APRIL 1st, MAY 6th, JUNE 3rd, NO JULY, AUG 5th, SEPT 9th, OCT 7th, NOV 4th, DEC 2nd

December, 3rd, 2018

Dr. Burke Royster, Supt. of Greenville Co. Schools

Dr. Burke Royster, Superintendent of Greenville County Schools was our speaker and gave a overview of the significant advances in student achievement, with a particular focus on improving the District’s graduation rate and ensuring that all students are college and career ready.

November, 5th, 2018

Drew McKissick ~ Chairman of the SCGOP

Drew McKissick ~ Chairman of the SC Republican Party will be our speaker. He will give an overview of the races in SC and how to support Victory 2018. Please Vote, Please take a friend to the polls - Please Do Your Part for Victory 2018

October, 1st, 2018

Jim Nicholson Spoke on Exploring Offshore

Our Oct. speaker was Jim Nicholson, former United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs, he also served as U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, and he is the past chairman of the Republican National Committee. He is currently a National Co-Chair of Explore Offshore. Learn more here: https://exploreoffshoreusa.org

September, 10th, 2018

Solicitor Walt Wilkins on Immigration

Republican Solicitor Walt Wilkins spoke today on the issue of immigration in the Upstate of South Carolina. His information covered the boarder wall, families, gang activity and the cost to our community.

August, 6th, 2018

The Opioid Epidemic in SC

Did you know 42,000 Americans die each year of opioid overdose. The numbers are shocking and the trend is not getting better - come and learn about the wide spread issue of substance abuse and the cost to the community and broken families. First Monday is pleased to host Martine Helou, who sits on Governor McMasters Opioid Task Force division for Community Response and is the Executive Director of the Palmetto Foundation for Prevention and Recovery will be our speaker. The foundation focuses on facilitating the prevention, education, and recovery of students kindergarten - college – who are dealing with substance abuse. You can learn more about the organization here: www.palmettofoundationpr.org

June, 19th, 2018

1st Monday hosts the 4th Congressional Debate

1st Monday in partnership with 94-5 WGTK The Answer and host Joey Hudson, the Greenville County Republican Party and the South Carolina Republican Party hosted a debate between the final two republican candidates Sen. William Timmons and former state Sen. Lee Bright for the 4th Congressional District. The two faced off in a live debate held at the Hilton on Orchard Park. To see the debate use this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXrvF0lF2ug&app=desktop To hear the debate: https://soundcloud.com/craig-debolt/4thcongressionaldebate-945wgtktheanswer-061818 To read about the debate: https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/local/2018/06/18/timmons-and-bright-clash-over-personal-finances-4th-district-debate/709434002/

June, 4th, 2018

Governor and Secy of State candidates to speak

Join us to hear the candidates for Governor & Secretary of State on June 4th for our monthly meeting. First Monday is pleased to host John Warren for Governor and Nelson Faeber for Secy of State at our June 4th meeting at 12-1pm at the Poinsett Club. Learn more about the candidates here: http://warrenforgovernor.com https://www.nelson.vote

May, 1st, 2018

1st Monday hosts the SC Governors Debate

Here is the video from tonights SC Governor forum held in conjuction Greenville County Republican Party, 94-5 WGTK The Answer, Joey Hudson, Keith Munson & Deb Sofield. Special thanks to Nate Leupp, Greenville County Party Chairm for his hard work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3SruJQX0Pk&feature=youtu.be

April, 16th, 2018

1st Monday hosted the 4th Congressional District Forum was a Success

First Monday in Greenville in partnership with 94-5 WGTK The Answer & WYFF News 4 hosted a forum on April 16th at 6:15-8:30pm at the Poinsett Club in downtown Greenville. Here is the link from WYFF - https://bit.ly/2JbsKRc We are also hosting a run off debate on Monday, June 18th at 6:30-8:30pm. Please mark your calendars for the second event.

January, 2nd, 2018

Dates for 2018

To keep you up to date here are our meeting dates for 2018: APRIL 9th, MAY 7th, JUNE 4th, NO JULY, AUG 6th, SEPT 10th, OCT 1st, NOV 5th, DEC 3rd

December, 4th, 2017

Former Senator Jim DeMint

We had an interesting meeting in December. Former SC Senator Jim DeMint spoke about his work as a senior advisor to Citizens for Self-Governance, a group which is seeking to call a convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution in order to reduce federal government spending and power. For more information visit the website: https://www.conventionofstates.com

November, 6th, 2017

State & Local Boards and Commissions

We had a great meeting with Mr. Tommy Windsor of the South Carolina Governor's Office Director of Boards and Commissions & County Councilman Lynn Ballard who spoke about what State & Local Boards and Commissions are looking for in a candidate? For more information visit: State http://governor.sc.gov/ExecutiveBranch/Pages/BoardsandCommissions.aspx County http://www.greenvillecounty.org/apps/countycouncilboard/countywideboards.aspx City http://www.greenvillesc.gov/478/Boards-Commissions

October, 2nd, 2017

City Candidates & Special Election State House Candidates Spoke

On October 2nd we hosted a candidate forum with Greenville City Council Candidates: Wil Brasington, Matt Cotner & John DeWorken. Greenville City Council elections will be Nov. 7th at your city polling station. Also, with the retirement of Eric Bedingfield that seat is open for a Special Election to be held soon. Krystal Blume, Ashley Trantham & William Welch spoke about their campaigns. To keep up with local elections and candidates visit 1st Monday in Greenville.

September, 18th, 2017

Congressman Trey Gowdy

Congressman Trey Gowdy was our speaker for our meeting. We changed our usual date (the 1st Monday of the month) to accommodate his schedule. We had a wonderful turnout to hear from our Congressman on the issues he is working on in DC.

August, 7th, 2017

Frank Rainwater, Executive Director of the Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office

The Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office provides a variety of economic analyses and reports generated in response to the statutory responsibilities of the office. Topics addressed include state revenue reports and forecasts, analyses of tax revenues, local government finance, education, and local property taxes. Learn more here: http://rfa.sc.gov/econ

July, 3rd, 2017

No meeting in July

We wish you a safe and happy 4th of July. Deb - Jill - Paul

March, 6th, 2017

Ashley Landess - President of The South Carolina Policy Council will be our March Speaker.

The South Carolina Policy Council was founded in 1986 as an independent, private, non-partisan research organization to promote the principles of limited government, free enterprise, and individual liberty and responsibility in the state of South Carolina. The Policy Council’s purpose is to promote freedom, to protect freedom, and to prove that freedom works. In short: we want South Carolina to be the freest state in the nation. It’s that simple. Equally simple is our view of government. We don’t think of it as some impersonal force. It’s a real factor in all of our lives, and its value or intrusiveness is determined by the real people who lead it: politicians. Our aim is to make our politicians the most accountable – and therefore the least powerful – politicians in the country. The problems created by an overbearing and expensive government may be complicated, but their remedies are not. Those remedies are: lower taxes and fewer regulations for all, not just for those with effective lobbyists; separation of powers and clear lines of accountability; independence from federal money and micromanagement; and the expansion of individual choice. For more information visit: http://www.scpolicycouncil.org (info from their website)

February, 6th, 2017

SC Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey will be our speaker

The Honorable Senator Shane Massey, the SC Senate Majority Leader will be our speaker at our Feb. 6th meeting. Senator Massey will bring us up to date on the direction the SC Senate will follow in the new legislative session.

January, 9th, 2017

1st Monday is a go for Monday the 9th

We are planning to have our meeting on Monday the 9th - come snow, wind or blizzard so please make your plans to join us at 11:45am to hear the SC Speaker of the House the Honorable Jay Lucas.

January, 8th, 2017

The Speaker of the SC House - Honorable Jay Lucas

Join us for our first meeting of the year to hear an update and overview from the Speaker of the South Carolina House - the Honorable Jay Lucas. Speaker Lucas always brings a good word about the inside the beltway look at the upcoming state house agenda.

January, 2nd, 2017

Meeting Schedule for 2017

Please mark your calendar for our upcoming meetings. You need to register for each meeting at www.firstmondayingreenville.com Jan. 9, Feb. 6, March 6, April 3, May 1, June 5, no July meeting, Aug. 7, Sept. 11, Oct. 2, Nov. 6, Dec 4.

December, 5th, 2016

The Honorable Scott Crosby

Mauldin City Councilman Scott Crosby gave an overview on how Donald Trump won the election. His topic was titled, "The Presidential Election - What Happened?” Scott was kind enough to give us his notes from his talk - please see them here: http://politics.scottcrosby.info/Choices/first_monday_2016.html

November, 7th, 2016

Dr. Dave Woodard

Dr. Woodard of Clemson University Political Science department will be speaking about the upcoming election. You won’t want to miss this meeting and hear the "Sage of the South" give a prognosis of the Presidential election.

October, 3rd, 2016

Unions have targeted SC - Come and hear Why

Join us on October 3rd for our monthly meeting with guest Catherine Templeton. She served as a Human Resources Manager at Milliken & Company. She is a former Attorney with the Ogletree Deakins Law Firm. Mrs. Templeton is the former Director of the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Board. She also served as the head of the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control where "she has been praised for her commitment to taxpayers, businesses and the environment – and for turning around an antiquated bureaucracy resistant to change. She pushed to de-regulate whole professions, repealed unnecessary and outdated requirements on the books, and pushed through streamlined processes for entire industries that had not been addressed in decades.”

September, 12th, 2016

The Reorganization of the Greenville Health System

Hear the story behind the reorganization of the Greenville Health System. We'll have two speakers - Mrs. Lisa Stevens, Chairman of the Board for GHS, for the reorganization and Mr. Dell Baker, former GHS Board member, against the reorganization. Come and learn the issues around this community topic so that you will be informed.

August, 1st, 2016

South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis. to Speak

South Carolina Treasurer Curtis M. Loftis. will be our August 1st speaker. Treasurer Loftis is the state's "private banker,” managing and investing the state’s funds. He is the custodian of more than $43 billion in State funds, including the state’s pension funds. He serves as Vice Chairman of the State Fiscal Accountability Authority, an executive body that provides oversight to such statewide policy matters as property, procurement and debt. He is the Chairman of the Board of Financial Institutions, which supervises state chartered financial institutions and supervises mortgage originators and lenders, finance companies, payday lenders, and title lenders, and is a member of the South Carolina Retirement System Investment Commission which manages the $30 billion retirement fund’s investments.

July, 4th, 2016

No meeting in July

The Poinsett Club is closed for renovations so we will not have a meeting in July ~ however, we will meet on August 1st and our speaker will be the SC State Treasurer Curtis Loftis.

June, 6th, 2016

Politicapalooza meeting with Candidates for the June 14th election

June 6th will be our Politicapalooza meeting to hear the candidates for the upcoming election on June 14th. Since there are so many races we’re opening the floor to allow candidates (who have been invited) to come and give a shout out for the election the next day. Invited candidates: SC Senate 12 - David McCraw - Lisa Scott - Scott Talley SC House 22 - Jason Elliott - Wendy Nanney Greenville County Council 21 - Lance Byars - Stacy Kuper - Rick Roberts Greenville County Council 18 - Joe Baldwin

May, 2nd, 2016

SC Senate Candidates to Speak

1st Monday is pleased to host the SC Senate Debate/Forum. Speakers SC Senate District 5 were - Johnny Edwards, Mike Fair, William Timmons. Speakers SC Senate District 6 featured John B. White.

April, 9th, 2016

Schedule for 2016 Meetings

Please mark your calendar for our upcoming meetings. You need to register for each meeting at www.firstmondayingreenville.com May 2, June 6, no July meeting, Aug. 1, Sept. 12*, Oct. 3, Nov. 7, Dec 5. *note Sept. date change

March, 7th, 2016

Candidates for Sheriff Debate/Forum

1st Monday is pleased to host the Sheriff’s Debate/Forum. All 5 Republican candidates are coming and taking part.

February, 1st, 2016

David Bereskin Greenville Water

Join us to hear Mr. David Bereskin, CEO of Greenville Water explain, “No Lead in Our Water”.

January, 4th, 2016

Speaker of the SC House

Mark your calendar for January 4th when the Honorable Jay Lucas will be our speaker with highlights for the 2016 legislative session.